Backdoor Into Google?

I recently wrote about Google not indexing my site. One can find through Yahoo! and MSN, but I’d really like for Google users to find me. Well, I thought I found a backdoor into getting indexed yesterday…

As you may already be aware, Google now let’s us build Custom Search Engines. The idea is you can create a search engine which reflects your knowledge and interests by specifying the websites that you want searched. ( For example, I’m aware of a couple .NET-related implementations already: Haack Attack the Web from Phil Haack and .NET Search Engine from Gavin Joyce. )

Anyway, I created my own search engine and included only as a searchable site. I figured (read: hoped) that Google would opt to index the included sites. I mean, this is the launch of a new product. It’s time to shine, right?

Wrong. Google does pull back a few johnnycoder-related results via my search engine, but they are only pages which have been indexed through other sources (Technorati, Jon Galloway, etc). Oh well.

Though my experiment failed, there is a silverlining. Custom Search Engine home pages display some (if not all) of the included sites. Find a custom search which reflects your interests (see Phil and Gavin above) and you will most likely find sites to include in your list of favorites.

If you haven’t played around with the custom search already, check it out. Also, here’s a good example on how to integrate your custom search engine with Firefox 2.0 or IE 7.


  1. It all about backlinks in Google and also performing SEO on the site. The age of a website also matters. I think I have to wait a few more months before my site gets results in link:.

  2. Just to say thanks for the info., which I found trying to get some way around the “does not match——“, for my website.

    I don’t know enough tackle this formula, but thanks for the effort anyway.