Data Dictionary Creator 1.2 On CodePlex

I had the opportunity to work with Jon Galloway on his Data Dictionary Creator tool recently. It was a good time.

We just released Data Dictionary Creator version 1.2 to CodePlex. Version 1.2 adds a lot of great features:

  • Added documentation of tables as well as columns
  • Changed Excel export from HTML based to XMLSpreadsheet to support separate worksheets for Table and Column documentation
  • Improved error handling – detection of non-DBO logins, etc.
  • (UI) – tab reorganization to fit workflow a little better
  • (UI) – moved feedback and progress bars to statusbar for consistency
  • Support for SQL 2000 and 2005 export scripts (there were several breaking changes from 2000 to 2005)
  • Limited import functionality (SQL and XML)
  • Added an Installer

As Jon says, it is worth a look:

DDC is a nice utility to help you document your databases. Even if that kind of thing doesn’t appeal to you, you might want to check out the code if you’re at all interested in using SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) or saving data to multiple formats (Word via WordML, Excel SpreadsheetML, HTML) using XSLT.

Want to learn more? Jon put together an excellent walkthough which can be found on his blog or on the Codeplex Wiki.


  1. I downloaded and installed version 1.3.1 and was happy with this utility until…
    This was working fine until I got to about the 15th table in a 140 table DB and then it will not export SQL anymore. I have the latest .NET versions installed, I rebooted, etc. When I start the Export it goes for about 3 minutes and then throws an exception error. Also is there anyone actively working on this? or is this basically a dead project…

  2. I haven’t used the tool to report on a database with 100+ tables, but my tests have definitely exceeded 40. There shouldn’t be any limitations regarding table counts, but again, I can’t say I’ve personally validated your particular use case.

    I wouldn’t call the project dead, but it isn’t under active development. If you do get under the covers, start playing with the code, get a better handle on the exception and/or come up with a fix, you are welcome to ping me or Jon as we would love to incorporate your fix into the codebase.

    Ahh, open source. You have to love it. Sorry you ran into issues. I wish I could offer more help at this time.