.NET Podcast Recommendations

Last Friday, a fellow coder asked the team for podcast recommendations.  Since I listen to anywhere from 6-10 podcasts a week, I was happy to share what is currently in my top podcast rotation. 

It is worth noting that those of us in the .NET community are rather fortunate as there are a number of recent newcomers in this space.  In fact, four of my top six podcasts have been around for less than 4 months.  I personally think they’ve all done a standup job and it has been enjoyable listening to the podcasts as they mature.  Maybe some day, years from now, young developers will gather around as I tell tales of the very first Herding Code podcast. You never know…

Enough with the intro already.  Here’s my .NET Podcast Recommendation List in no particular order (other than alphabetical):

Alt.NET Podcast
Hosted by Mike Moore
Currently on Episode 8 

Deep Fried Bytes
Hosted by Keith Elder and Chris Woodruff
Currently on Episode 8

Hosted by Scott Hanselman
Currently on Show #124 

Herding Code
Hosted by Jon Galloway, K. Scott Allen, Kevin Dente and Scott Koon
Currently on Episode 11

.NET Rocks!
Hosted by Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell
Currently on Show #365

Hosted by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky
Currently on Podcast #16