SoCal Rock & Roll Code Camp Presentation

Thanks to everyone who sacrificed part of a beautiful San Diego afternoon to attend my talk at the SoCal Code Camp yesterday.  For those who missed it, I provided An Introduction to Functional Programming  – a slightly modified version of the Functional Programming Series which I recently posted.  If you are interested in the slide deck, you may download it below.

This was my first CodeCamp presentation and I couldn’t be happier for doing it.  Many thanks to Jon Galloway who ridiculed encouraged me until I finally signed up for a talk and an extra big thanks to those in attendance who kept their heckling to a minimum.   I would also like to thank Llewellyn Falco for rushing the stage and attacking the whiteboard (rather than me) as well as Lynn Langit (DE and “language geek”) for allowing me to put her on the spot during the presentation.  Finally, thanks to the Code Camp organizers whom accepted my AFTER-the-last-minute speaking request and found a slot in the schedule for me.   

I hope to see you at the next Code Camp.


  1. @Michael – It was great running into your as well. Of course, it wasn’t by chance. I made a point of meeting you face to face while you were in town. You can’t elude me. 🙂 Maybe I’ll see you at the SoCal LA Code Camp?