Learn Domain-Driven Design

I just wrote about how I like to present on unfamiliar topics. With this said, Domain-Driven Design (DDD) is no exception. This is yet another area I knew enough about to be dangerous but I certainly was no expert.  As it turns out, researching this topic wasn’t easy. I could be wrong, but it is as if DDD is a secret to which few are privy. If you search the Interwebs, you will likely find little information about DDD until you start rolling over rocks to find that one great write-up, a handful of podcasts and videos and the Readers’ Digest version of the Blue Book which apparently you must read if you really want to get the complete, unabridged skinny on DDD.  Even Wikipedia’s write-up is skimpy which I didn’t know was possible…



Here’s a list of valuable resources.  If you, too, are interested in DDD, this is a good starting place. 

  1. Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software by Eric Evans
  2. Domain-Driven Design Quickly, by Abel Avram & Floyd Marinescu
  3. An Introduction to Domain-Driven Design by David Laribee
  4. Talking Domain-Driven Design with David Laribee Part 1, Deep Fried Bytes
  5. Talking Domain-Driven Design with David Laribee Part 2, Deep Fried Bytes
  6. Eric Evans on Domain Driven Design, .NET Rocks
  7. Domain-Driven Design Community
  8. Eric Evans on Domain Driven Design
  9. Jimmy Nilsson on Domain Driven Design
  10. Domain-Driven Design Wikipedia
  11. What I’ve Learned About DDD Since the Book, Eric Evans
  12. Domain Driven Design, Alt.Net Podcast
  13. Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns: With Examples in C# and .NET, Jimmy Nilsson
  14. Domain-Driven Design Discussion Group
  15. DDD: Putting the Model to Work by Eric Evans
  16. The Official DDD Site


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