ASP.NET Meta Keywords and Description

Some of the ASP.NET 4 improvements around SEO are neat.  The ASP.NET 4 Page.MetaKeywords and Page.MetaDescription properties, for example, are a welcomed change.  There’s nothing earth-shattering going on here – you can now set these meta tags via your Master page’s code behind rather than relying on updates to your markup alone.  It isn’t difficult to manage meta keywords and descriptions without these ASP.NET 4 properties but I still appreciate the attention SEO is getting.  It’s nice to get gentle reminder via new coding features that some of the more subtle aspects of one’s application deserve thought and attention too. 

For the record, this is how I currently manage my meta:

  1. <meta name="keywords"
  2.     content="<%= Html.Encode(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["Meta.Keywords"]) %>" />
  3. <meta name="description"
  4.     content="<%= Html.Encode(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["Meta.Description"]) %>" />

All Master pages assume the same keywords and description values as defined by the application settings.  Nothing fancy. Nothing dynamic. But it’s manageable.  It works, but I’m looking forward to the new way in ASP.NET 4.


  1. Wish it had been implemented years ago when keyword meta tag counted more by search engines. At the moment it has little or virtually no effect on search engines. Besides it doesn’t take much efforts to implement this and re-use it through out your projects…

    A better improvement could have been putting viewstate at the bottom right before tag! But it seems that team cares little about recommendations on seo friendly site.

  2. I appreciate the comment, Alex. You’re right. Ever since Google stopped considering Meta Tags they don’t provide a lot of value. That said, you still use them, right? So it’s nice that they are easier to management inside of the framework now. Your point about better improvements is well taken though.

  3. even though google does not give consideration to meta tags for SEO, but they are very useful in search results. imagine a search result with only links of the pages but no summary at the bottom.