jQuery Code Snippets for Visual Studio

I contributed a Getting Started Guide to the open source jQuery Code Snippets project earlier today.  Honestly, it doesn’t take much to install the bits and reap the benefits of the snippet collection, but I ran into a minor snag (as did another commenter) and I figured that documentation couldn’t hurt.  Of course, the jury is still out on this one.

If you are new to code snippets, shortcuts and IntelliSense support in Visual Studio, John Sheehan posted a 25 Second Demo Video showing the jQuery Snippets in action.   If you like what you see, simply download the jQuerySnippets.zip file from CodePlex, extract the contents, run the provided jQuerySnippets.msi and you’re good to go.  Now go forth and code with snippet magic.

Wait! I mentioned something about a minor snag.  Right. I’m running ReSharper.  Maybe you are too?  As you might know, ReSharper offers its own snippets library which sometimes overrides the Visual Studio IntelliSense features. In order to take full advantage of the Visual Studio snippets, you may need to modify your default ReSharper options. If you have installed the jQuery Snippets and the behavior isn’t as promised, visit Tools > Options > ReSharper > General and toggle your ReSharper selection to “Visual Studio.”


Note, if you wish to maintain “ReSharper” as your default option, you may still use the jQuery Snippets but you won’t have the luxury of using IntelliSense as a guide.  Just provide the full shortcut and hit Tab. 

Try out the jQuery Code Snippets for Visual Studio 2010 and please let me know if there’s anything I should add to the Getting Started Guide.


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